About Us

Pueblo Coffee Company (PCC) is a startup Provo, Utah based coffee roaster that has developed a line of specialty coffees. PCC was established as a Utah LLC Partnership by founders Antonio and Gilbert. PCC has brought Utah a collection of six single origin coffees as well as three coffee blends.

Co-Founder Antonio, got to experience the coffee experience while he visited his grandparents in Morelos, Mexico. He recalls picking coffee with his grandfather and later drying the coffee cherries on the rooftop, the natural process. The introduction to the coffee process stuck with him and later he decided to learn how to roast. Coffee has always been a part of our upbringing. Some of Antonio's earliest memories consist of the coffee aroma floating all throughout his house. Drinking café con leche with a piece of pan dulce and always sneaking a drink or two from his dad’s mug.

We would like you all to experience our coffee and you all to take part in our journey. We look forward to providing you with some delicious coffee! We appreciate the support of our current coffee buyers.